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Doctor W. A. SCott
Dr. W.A. Scott, DC

Dr. W.A. Scott is retiring.

After 43 years serving the West Island and environs, I am taking my leave as of May 29, 2018.  I encourage my patients to get in touch with Dr Jason Guben,  at 6600 Trans Canada Highway, adjacent to the Holiday Inn, Pointe Claire.

I truly appreciate the loyalty and trust given to me by my patients over the years, and I am confident that by handing over my practice to someone I hold in high esteem, Dr. Guben, they will continue to experience the same quality of care that they are accustomed to from me.

Dr. Guben has been in practice for 23 years, and during that time has become a trusted colleague and friend. In fact, I have often referred patients to him when circumstances warranted it. Starting after the 24th May long weekend, and for the next few months, my telephone number (514) 626-1999 will be ringing in Dr Guben’s office. This will help to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted continuation of services.

I cannot sign off without giving accolades where they are due – that is to my right hand, Joan McDonough. She has devoted over 30 years to serving the patients of this office and meeting their needs every day. I would not be the person I am without my best friend. Thank you Joan!

Dr. J. Guben, DC

Dr. Jason Guben

6600 Trans Canada Highway, Suite 123
Adjacent to the Holiday Inn

Dr. Jason Guben

6600 Autoroute Transcanadienne  Bureau #123   Pointe-Claire, Québec H9R 4S2